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Instagram is undoubtedly one of the top and popular social media platforms today with more than a billion users, Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to use for your e-commerce marketing. With over 500 million active monthly users,  300 million daily active users, It will be difficult for anyone to relegate the relevance of Instagram to online marketing.

Having many followers on your Instagram business page is very important to your marketing success, but it is not easy to grow followers on Instagram unless you buy unreal follower. This is not ideal for your brand. You should hire a good social media strategist to help build real followers for your business page.

Buying fake followers, likes and comments may seem right at the beginning, but in the long run, you’ll realize how bad the effect is on your business. Now,  Instagram deletes fake accounts and likes, but you can use Instagram automation to increase your popularity on Instagram.

Now let’s discuss the best ways to build your brand and grow your E-commerce business on Instagram.

These are proven methods, and if you do them the right way, you’ll experience magical results. The good thing is you can also increase your followers with these methods; this means you don’t need to hire a social media strategist to grow followers for you.

Now let’s consider the methods:

1. Include your brand image in every post
It is essential that you only upload high-quality images on your Instagram business page. High-quality pictures are lovely and beautiful especially on Instagram; they attract more users to your page.  Adding your brand logo to every photo you upload is an excellent strategy for your business.
You should have a good strategy for the contents you publish, using similar filters will give your page a unique look.

2. Obey rule of third
The rule of the third is a simple blueprint that helps you compose your photos effectively.
Your followers are sensitive, so you should not be too promotional. So you need to obey the rule of the third, these rules are;

Conversational posts:
Engaging your followers in conversations is an excellent strategy that gives positive results to your business growth. Including questions in your captions and organizing, giveaways are good ways to engage your followers on Instagram.

Promotional posts:
These are posted that includes product images related to your company.

Other posts:
These are posts concerning your business’s industry news and information.
it is necessary that you balance these three rules in other to engage actively with your followers and also increase your followers.

3. Use Instagram shoppable posts
Instagram shoppable post is an effective way to promote your product and increase getting patronized organically. An excellent way to boost your product sale is by tagging your product. Having an Instagram business account allows you to tag your products. The Instagram business account is currently available in 8 countries including,  U.S, UK, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, and Germany.

4. Use of hashtags
Hashtags are essential because they appear in search results. You should research hashtags related to your products and use them regularly when you post new products.  Only relevant Hashtags should be used to make your posts meaningful. This will help you attract new followers to your page; you will also experience an increase in sales.

5. Interact with your audience
The best way to interact with your followers is to like and comment on their pictures, this simple task excites them and make them want to visit your page.  This is effective because it has worked for a lot of top brands. Liking post from your target audience will attract them to your business page; they get exposed to your products. Instagram bots can make these tasks easy for you.

6. Analytics are helpful, pay attention to your analytics
Instagram analytics provides rich information that you can use to create a more engaging post. Keeping tracks of your metrics and analyzing result will make you understand your audience better and equip you to come up with better strategies.

Instagram insights provide you with information as, what time your followers are active and for how long they are active online. This will help you schedule your post at the right time. Photos that have the highest likes gives you an idea of your audiences taste.


To be successful with e-commerce on Instagram you need to consistently stay in touch with your followers, keep increasing your followers and get popular to your followers.

The only way to achieve this is by commenting on your audiences posts, liking their videos and photos and also following them.  This may look like an easy task at first, but it gets overwhelming with time. Instagram automation tools will help you cope with this overwhelming task.

Instagram automation tools are popular, they are time-saving and helps you increase your sales.

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